What is a vector file?


Most people have various ideas about vector files but, the truth is that vector graphics are rendered from shapes, curves, lines, and points using a unique mathematical formulae. These elements are ingrained with colors, textures, gradients, and the lines and shapes are manipulated for creating an image. The demand of vectors and icons has grown significantly in the graphic designing industry, and several aspiring artists are always on an outlook to find downloadable vector images for free to supplement their projects:

Advantages of Vector Files

Vector images or, vector files is becoming a huge sensation among graphic designers, and it is guaranteed to churn out the following outcomes:

When should I use Vector Images and Icons?

There are various ways to bring your vector image into use; for instance, if you are preparing a company’s logo, you can choose a vector file that could be displayed at various dimensions and sizes. The logo could be displayed on flyers, business cards, brochures, t-shirts, mugs, and many other platforms. As an alternative, you can choose icons for preparing digital illustrations, icons, lettering designs, typography, and patterns.